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(12) No license issued pursuant to this section shall authorize any person to carry a concealed weapon or firearm into any place of nuisance as defined in s. 823.05;

823.05 Places and groups engaged in criminal gang-related activity declared a nuisance; may be abated and enjoined.-- (1) Whoever shall erect, establish, continue, or maintain, own or lease any building, booth, tent or place which tends to annoy the community or injure the health of the community, or become manifestly injurious to the morals or manners of the people as described in s. 823.01, or any house or place of prostitution, assignation, lewdness or place or building where games of chance are engaged in violation of law or any place where any law of the state is violated, shall be deemed guilty of maintaining a nuisance, and the building, erection, place, tent or booth and the furniture, fixtures, and contents are declared a nuisance.
I personally think everyone is reading too much into this.
The way i read it, dog tracks are legal, and since "gambling" is against Fla. Law except on indian reservations, that one could say that there is NO ILLEGAL GAMBLING at a race track, therefore, a race track is not a place of nuisance.

If i went to the dog tracks, i would carry, unless they had guards at the doors telling me i could not enter, then i would just go home, and SAVE MY MONEY>:rolf
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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