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1st range trip with G19

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After a very long week only being able to look at my new Glock 19 I got in some range time last weekend. I love this gun! I know a lot of people arent Glock fans, but this was a perfect choice for my hands! Fits it like a glove. I was sold on a compact Glock after firing my friends G23, and I'm glad I went with 9mm. Ammo expense was one of my reasons for going with 9mm. I figured if it cost that much more to shoot (with 40S&W vs. 9mm) I wouldn't practice as much as I should. And who cares if you have a .40 if you can't hit a barn with it.:rolf I also got in some good time on my Taurus .38 special. Still have some work to do on the snubby to get my groupings tighter, but I was very happy with my progress on the first day with the Glock. Here's a pic of my first mag, well at least shots 2-15. I tried a head shot on the first one and missed to the right, would've taken an ear off though!:laughing

I got better later in the day, but we only had a few targets so it wasn't really worth taking another picture with 100 holes in a target. I'm planning another trip hopefully this weekend. My plan is to shoot no less than twice a month. I've got a couple friends with enough land to have their own pistol ranges, man talk about convenient!:thumsup
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congrats, looks like you had fun

assuming you're aiming correctly, it looks like you are flinching (anticipating recoil)
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