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165 Days. Finally, Got It.

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Well, its been a longgg wait, but today was the day, my license was in the mail. Thought I was seeing things when I saw that infamous DoA envelope.
The rejected prints (ink) was the big problem, and not finding out till over 100 days into the wait. So I hope everyone calls the DoA before 90 days to make sure app. is ok and no problems, you may catch it weeks before they would notify you.
Here's my timeline.
Ink Prints, certified bank check.
App. mailed 11-10-08
DoA Recieved 11-12-08
Not sure when check cashed
2-13-09..Called DoA and found out my prints were rejected.
2-20-09..Got new print card, and sent redone prints.
4-16-09.. Issued
4-24-09..License in mail.
165 days, mailbox to mailbox.

So, I be a happy camper today :dancingbanana
Take care, be safe.
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Congrats. :dancingbanana

Was it worth the wait?
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