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I may Owen About Every TYPE Old Pre War, Ww1 & Ww2 Type 1911,ithcia Colt,ext. But Found A Like New W/holster Colt 1903 Hamerless Model,gun In Great Shape But Don’t Know Much About Them Yet.

I Picked This Up For Just Under 200.00. Anyone Have Pro/con Info On This Gun? Just Didnt Have So I Thougt I Would By. Thanks For Any Input!
(and I Think Someones Name Is Ingraved In Finish Just Cant Make It Out Very Well)

Oh Yea Only 1 Mag, If Any One Knows Wher To Buy Anouther That Would Be Great Too......thanks Again

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Is it in 32 or 380. I own own one in 32 and bought a 380 barrel for it back in the mid 80's.

If I remember correctly, there were three variations made over the years as well.

I have 32 and 380 mags for mine, the 380 barrels and mags are near impossible to find today on the open market.

In like new condition they can fetch 4-500 dollars. If you got it for just under 200.00 and it's all original and not refinished, it's worth all of the 4-500 to the collectors.

They are sweet, soft guns to shoot. Gen. Patton carried one with ivory or pearl grips during WW2 occasionally and several pictures exist of him wearing it in uniform.

Flat, concealable, I wouldn't trust carrying it due to it's age. You can find some parts for the various variations at www.e-gunparts.com. It appears the mag is in stock for the 32 here presently:

Hope that helps

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