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  1. Central Florida WTT: XDm 9mm/40 mag x-tensions

    Ammo, Accessories, Etc.
    Trying to save myself from having to purchase $10 pieces of plastic that for some reason cost 12 dollars to ship. Looking for #3 Have #2 and #1 available right now You ship to me, then I ship to you. Or FTF would work if you're in the south orlando area.
  2. Finally able to carry!

    Carry Issues
    I’m in the Navy and got my FL CWFL about 4 months ago, but unfortunately I live in MD so I’m unable to carry. Well, I finally made it back to FL this past week for a family wedding so I was finally able to carry. Right before I left for FL I bought a Ruger LCP, since I wasn’t sure if I would...