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  1. This Saturday!

    Just for the Ladies
    Don't miss out! http://www.meetup.com/Florida-Firearms-Training/events/164511542/
  2. Kahr K9

    Carry Weapons
    So there are always several discussions going on about what size gun you are able to conceal, and the tradeoff between size and 'shootability.' My girlfriend recently ran into this issue, and I think we may have finally resolved it. You see, she got her CWFL a few months ago, and wanted to get...
  3. Recent attacks in Gainesville cause students to rethink safety

    Carry Issues
    A Santa Fe College student shares her thoughts on personal safety in light of recent events down in Gainesville. A kidnapping and armed robbery near campuses within a week of each other are causing people to rethink their safety. Students' concerns are valid and we need to educate both the...