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  1. Firearms Chat
    At a local gun shop I heard a clerk expounding to a compatriot about two different Walther production lines. He claimed the P22, PK380, CCP and the PPK .22 were made by the Air gun company Umarex. He claimed the guns were of inferior quality with pot metal slides. The magazines of cheap and...
  2. Handguns
    Make: Walther Model: PPQ M1 Caliber: 9mm Location (city or county): Pensacola Price: $550 Will ship (Y/N): Y, on your dime. Other info: Up for sale is a PPQ M1 in 9mm, Two 15 round Walther magazines, 3 interchangeable back-straps, and an Alien Gear holster shell. Purchased this...
  3. Firearms Chat
    (I hope this is in the right place.) My wife owns a Walther P22 (a birthday gift from me a few years ago), and so far, I am in charge of disassembly, cleaning and reassembly. I can break the gun down without a problem and cleaning is similarly OK. I have a real problem reassembling the gun and...
1-3 of 3 Results