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  1. Anybody following the Raul Rodriguez trial?

    In The News (Good & Bad)
    Apparently Mr. Rodriguez's neighbors were having a loud party and Mr. Rodriguez decided to confront them about it, armed with a pistol and videocamera. Mr. Rodriguez wound up shooting 3 people and killing one, claiming self defense. I've included links to two different news stories with...
  2. Tactical U - New Video - Saturday's High Risk Concealed Carry Course

    Training and Tactics
    Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday for High Risk Concealed Carry. Great guys made for a valuable and enjoyable course. Special thanks to 3 Speed Holsters and our law enforcement friends who participated. TACTICAL U
  3. New Video - Slinging Lead with Tactical U!

    Training and Tactics
    Space is still available for the next Tactical Handgun Workshop on June 19, 2011. Everyone is invited! Tactical U Tactical U-Tube FacebUk E-Mail Us