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  1. Hi Folks! New Shooter and I Have a Question for Veterans With Concealed Carry Permits

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    I recently applied for my CCW Permit in FL using my DD214 as my training document. I went online to the Department of Agriculture. Submitted my passport photo, my honorable discharge DD214 and my electronic fingerprints through the Sheriff's Department. I went on youtube and some guy in my same...
  2. Request assistance with research project

    General Discussion
    Howdy All I am doing original research for a 4000 level course looking at the mental well-being of a sample U.S. Veteran population compared to the greater civilian population. I am using a survey tool created by a university in the U.K. which has been found to stand up to statistical analysis...
  3. Attn: Veterans with Service-Connected Disabilities

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    You may be missing out on one of the best benefits available! Effective July 1, 2010, the Florida Park Service offers free for life family annual entrance passes passes for honorably discharges US armed forces veterans with service-connected disabilities, a $120 per year value, good at ALL FL...