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  1. Recent attacks in Gainesville cause students to rethink safety

    Carry Issues
    A Santa Fe College student shares her thoughts on personal safety in light of recent events down in Gainesville. A kidnapping and armed robbery near campuses within a week of each other are causing people to rethink their safety. Students' concerns are valid and we need to educate both the...
  2. UF Students for Concealed Carry Coverage

    In The News (Good & Bad)
    Article in the Gainesville Sun last week: http://chalkboard.blogs.gainesville.com/2011/10/uf-students-carry-empty-gun-holsters-in-protest/ WUFT-TV coverage of SCC at UF: http://www.wuft.org/news/2011/11/03/uf-student-group-calls-for-concealed-carry-laws-to-no-longer-exempt-college-campuses/...
  3. University of Florida says Hello!

    Introduce Yourself!
    Hello all, My name is Zach and I've been a member on here for a while but never really frequented the site. However, after ending up here several times looking for answers to carry questions, I decided to start participating. I'm a civil engineering senior at University of Florida (Go Gators)...