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  1. Travel Through Maryland

    Carry Issues
    In the near future it is looking like I am going to have to travel through Maryland on my way to Pennsylvania. I am originally from North Carolina and plan on moving back after college so I still have my NC carry permit/ NC drivers license. I will be good to carry through all of the states that...
  2. Key West Express check in procedures

    Firearms Chat
    Does anyone know if Keywest Express utilizes TSA style screening either to or from Key West from Ft. Lauderdale? Metal detectors? Baggage inspection or x-ray?
  3. First Time Flying with handgun

    Firearms Chat
    I'm taking my first flight with a handgun out of Fort Lauderdale to Texas and I'd appreciate any up to date info on how to pack. I have the airline's Contract of Carriage document which is pretty clear, though reading previous posts on this topic it seems ammo handling rules are not quite as...
  4. Airline checked baggage; weapon declaration protocol and experience(s)

    Carry Issues
    My airline carrier policy states you must declare any weapon(s) carried in checked baggage. I've never done it.... What is the proper way to declare, to an airline baggage agent, you’ll be traveling with a legal weapon is in your checked baggage? I find myself, for the first time, having to...
  5. ccw while traveling in the car

    Law & Order
    Hi guys, im new to the form and just got my concealed permit and was wondering if your allowed to conceal carry while traveling in your car. My class instructor informed us that it had to be in a sealed container (glove box or center console) but ive read many instances of people having their...