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  1. Eyes and Hands, or my training needs adjustment

    Training and Tactics
    Folks, I recently had my cataract surgery. Now that all has healed, as much as 67 year old eyes ever will, my dominant left eye is now more dominant than every and it's throwing my shots to the left. So, what's the best solution. Switch to my left hand. Go isosceles and cross hand. Go all...
  2. IDPA Activity list for matches

    IDPA and Competition Shooting
    Should this be a sticky? Florida-IDPA is an email list intended to distribute information about IDPA competition in Florida. Match results, announcements of shooting events and other matters of interest to Florida IDPA shooters will be distributed. Florida-IDPA is not a discussion group...
  3. Security Training for Central Florida

    Professional Services (Closed)
    Interested in a career in the security field. Come train with us and get certified. We have a friendly and knowledgeable staff coming from several different backgrounds to ensure you leave our classes with everything you need to know. We are conveniently located in Kissimmee and doing classes...
  4. Firearms Judgment Training

    Introduce Yourself!
    Licensed to carry a weapon about one year ago, I knew instantly that I could not predict how I'd respond at exactly the moment I would need my handgun. I searched for the solution, but found there was no such dynamic training being offered anywhere. So, I opened in January in Vero Beach a...
  5. Firearms Instructor Wanted

    Help Wanted/ Job Needed (Closed)
    Judgment Training Institute in Vero Beach is using state-of-the-art virtual reality simulation to teach scenario-based judgment skills. JTI is looking for competent instructors. Please contact JTI through our website at www.judgmenttraininginstitute.com or call 772-678-3446.
  6. Two Day Long Range Rifle Immersion Level One

    Training and Tactics
    This course will be invaluable to anyone who wants to experience the satisfaction of long range precision marksmanship. It is specifically designed around the needs of shooters (both new and old) that are interested in learning the fundamental skills for shooting accurately out to 500 yards...
  7. Need a training gun

    Carry Weapons
    I need to find a handgun I can train my wife on and I'm looking at 22 caliber autos. My wife likes the feel of the Walther P22 and I'm comfortable with getting that and using it but wonder, if I am using a Glock for carry, whether a Walther for training is the best option. Any opinions on a...
  8. Tactical U - High Risk Concealed Carry Course - 8/19/11

    Training and Tactics
    TACTICAL U HIGH RISK CONCEALED CARRY COURSE ____________________________________ This course is designed for civilians and security contractors who carry a concealed handgun looking to sustain and improve their skill-set in those tactics needed to safely, quickly, and efficiently employ their...
  9. Tactical U - New Video - Saturday's High Risk Concealed Carry Course

    Training and Tactics
    Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday for High Risk Concealed Carry. Great guys made for a valuable and enjoyable course. Special thanks to 3 Speed Holsters and our law enforcement friends who participated. TACTICAL U
  10. Tactical U - New Video - June Fighting Rifle Course

    Training and Tactics
    If you are still standing in a range stall, putting holes in paper, your missing out. Come train with us at the upcoming High Risk Concealed Carry Course, 7/9/11.
  11. New Video - Slinging Lead with Tactical U!

    Training and Tactics
    Space is still available for the next Tactical Handgun Workshop on June 19, 2011. Everyone is invited! Tactical U Tactical U-Tube FacebUk E-Mail Us
  12. Broward County - Advanced Urban Assault Rifle Workshop - 6/25-26 - Tactical U

    Training and Tactics
    TACTICAL U TACTICAL HANDGUN WORKSHOP ____________________________________ Put your skills to the test! This course is offered exclusively to the AR-15 /AK-47/ assault rifle enthusiast, seeking to enhance their skills. You will receive hands-on and practical training from current and retired...
  13. Next Force on Force / Combined Combative Training Class.

    Training and Tactics
    Since our first combined combative Force on Force class held at Okeechobee shooting sports was such a great success. See reviews: http://floridaconcealedcarry.com/Forum/showthread.php?19787-Force-on-Force-after-class-discussion We have decided to look at putting on another event. We are...
  14. Hello from Tactical Firearms Academy

    Introduce Yourself!
    Hello to all. We are Tactical Firearms Academy, located in South Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Ocala. We provide top notch firearms training on all weapons platforms from pistol t carbine to shotgun to select fire to precision rifle. We also provide specialized course such as outdoor and urban...
  15. Carbine Steel Shoot March 3rd Trail Glades Range @ 4:30 P till 8:15 PM

    Training and Tactics
    Hello to all, Tactical Firearms Academy hosts a steel shoot every Thurs night starting at 4:30 PM on the west range of Trail Glades Range in Miami. We shoot until 8:15 PM. This Thurs night is carbine night. The shooter must use a carbine as the primary weapon system. These steel shoots are...
  16. Greetings to FCC Forum Members...

    Introduce Yourself!
    Hello Everyone... I just finished a GREAT Course in Crestview Florida, hosted by Northwest Florida Firearms Training and I wanted to jump in and Thank Barry & Sandy as well as address some questions from members. I also had a great class in St. Augustine back in December and I always...
  17. Advanced Concealed Carry Class

    Training and Tactics
    Last week I took StandBy's 'Advanced Concealed Carry' class at Delray Shooting Center (Palm Beach County); just wanted to post a quick review --> If anyone is new to CC (like me) and wants to get some great information, I definitely recommend this course. I've had my CWFL for a few months...
  18. Best age & method for training daughter on handgun

    Firearms Chat
    My daughter is turning 10 and when I move to Florida she will be living with me permanently. I have a 9mm that I want to start training her to shoot. I want her to become familiar with the weapon and get used to using it so it is not a mystery to her. I am hoping with the training and...
  19. Carbine / Pistol Course July 18th!!!!

    Training and Tactics
    July 18th Carbine Pistol Class I have a few places open for our next Carbine / Pistol Class. There will not be another class offered until mid / late August, plus FCC members get a 25% Discount. So sign up now. You can pay by check, Credit card or in cash. Course Description: Scenarios...
  20. Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club having a concealed carry class on Saturday July 17th

    Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club having a concealed carry class on Saturday July 17th Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club having a concealed carry class on Saturday July 17th, 2010 CONCEALED WEAPONS CLASS 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM July 17th, 2010 Call First-classes fill quickly...