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  1. Want to Buy looking for a Taurus 450 .45 colt or Charter Arms .45 colt revolver

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    Title says it, I have a Hipoint 4595TS .45 carbine I can trade for it. May consider a Public defender as well. Thanks
  2. Taurus MFG & their warranty program-Alert!

    Carry Weapons
    I have purchased 4 Taurus Manufactered gun (Heritage is one) and had warranty problems with 3 out of 4 of the guns. On the Heritage (mfg in Miami) 1 week after purchase, I took it to the range, but the 22LR cylinder does not index properly, but the 22 Mag works good. Called Taurus that...
  3. New Taurus PT740 SS

    Carry Weapons
    So, against the popular vote, I went and got myself the Taurus Slim chambered in .40 S&W. And, after a really short range trip last night, I'm feeling pretty confident in my choice! It's been in for about a week now, and last night, on a whim, I called up a friend and took them out to go "break...
  4. Getting a Taurus PT7XX Slim. Which caliber should I go with?

    Carry Weapons
    If the cost difference in ammo was nonexistent, which chambering of Tauru's PT700 Slim seriesl would you recommend I go with? Right now, I'm only considering the 9x19mm and the .40S&W. The 709 holds one more round per magazine, and it would be slightly easier to go for follow up shots. The...
  5. New Taurus PT1911 SS

    Carry Weapons
    So I finally got around to picking up one of my own. Been hearing good (enough) things about Taurus' 1911, and after handling one for a bit I thought I'd pull the trigger on it. One of the complaints I heard the most about this firearm is about its fit and finish, in that it doesn't match the...