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  1. You won't hear about this in the news.

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    http://www.local10.com/news/crime/walmart-employee-shoots-kills-would-be-robber-in-sunrise Walmart employee shoots, kills would-be robber in Sunrise Police believe employee shot man in self-defense SUNRISE, Fla. - An employee at a Walmart in Sunrise shot and killed a would-be robber early...
  2. Why are so many people spreading lies about Senate Bill 89?

    Law & Order
    I live in Pinellas County, and our sheriff is Sheriff Bob Gualtieri. There was an article about Senate Bill 89 in the Miami Herald where Sheriff Bob was quoted as saying that it weakened the SYG law by requiring that a threat be "imminent". And now, Simmons is saying that SB89 would weaken...
  3. Anybody following the Raul Rodriguez trial?

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    Apparently Mr. Rodriguez's neighbors were having a loud party and Mr. Rodriguez decided to confront them about it, armed with a pistol and videocamera. Mr. Rodriguez wound up shooting 3 people and killing one, claiming self defense. I've included links to two different news stories with...
  4. Pushing the Castle Doctrine

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    Might make it hard to prosecute the homeowner when the mayor sticks up for him. He makes a good point, though the guy may have technically broke the law; the story makes it seem as if they were leaving after all and the fight ended up out in the street. Perhaps he can testify that he feared they...