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  1. North East Florida Springfield Mod 2. 45 ACP

    For sale is a BRAND NEW Springfield XD MOD 2 in 45 ACP. It has a 3.3 inch barrel and it has never been fired. Let me know if you have any questions. No trades. Comes Springfield hard case and with one 9-round mag and one 13-round mag. Does not come with ammo in picture. Asking: $450
  2. Central Florida SOLD SOLD Springfield XDS 45 (extra mags/holsters/and more) *** TAMPA ***

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Springfield XDS 45 *** Used*** (~100-150 rds through it) XDS 45 (RECALL COMPLETED - Documents included) XDS93345B 3.3" Single Stack .45ACP Black Type 1 & Type 2 Back straps...
  3. South Florida WTT XDS 45 Post Recall

    I have a Springfield XDS 45 that already has been through the recall. Never shot it before the recall and just shot it yesterday. I put two boxes of ammo through it and just don't like the ergonomics of it. It comes with all the stuff that comes in the box and one extra extended mag. I also...
  4. Glock G30S Review (April 30, 2013)

    Carry Weapons
    Hard-Hitting Hybrid: Glock G30S Review by Patrick Sweeney • April 30, 2013 http://www.handgunsmag.com/2013/04/30/hard-hitting-hybrid-glock-g30s-review/
  5. Disappointing Kel-Tec PF9 Experience

    Carry Weapons
    Q - What is the expected life of a Kel-Tec firearm? A - All Kel-Tec firearms have an expected life of 6,000 rounds or more. (Per the Kel-Tec website, under FAQ) My new PF9 lasted about 150 of the 200 round break-in period, before it experienced numerous Failures to Extract, then the firing pin...
  6. WTS: Springfield Loaded Champion w/Extras - Ready for IDPA CDP or USPSA SS

    This has been one of my absolute favorite pistols since the moment I picked it up. I'm selling because I need to find a "cash neutral" way of getting a USPSA Production setup. For pictures and a comprehensive list of modifications please check out the following link. Of note, the trigger job...
  7. SA EMP or Ultra CDP II in 9mm?

    Carry Weapons
    My local FFL buddy just emailed me and said he can get me either a Springfield EMP in 9mm or a Kimber Ultra CDP II in 9mm... either for $1000 even including fees, shipping, etc. I have to make a decision today. Here's what I know are the obvious differences: 1) The Kimber's include only 1 mag...
  8. Brand New Springfield GI 1911 $519!

    Deal of the Day! We are doing a Springfield Armory GI 1911 with a Parkerized finish for $519. We normally retail this gun for $658! It is a .45 caliber with a single stack magazine. If you are not familiar with the model it is the pistol Tom Hanks carried in the film "Saving Private Ryan". Give...