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  1. Handguns
    Get a full package. Everything you see in the pictures. Various holsters, extra magazines, and of course the gun. 40 S&W. Happy to set up day to meet and sell. Buyer must be willing to allow me to make a copy of DL and CDW
    $500 USD
  2. Law & Order
    Folks, Much youtube talk about a new Illinois law: A much more reasoned commentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioM5NZ-fwtI&feature=push-u-sub&attr_tag=nsQgk5zXkEg_ykpU-6 Is this more Bloomberging at the lowest level? Geoff Who is getting paranoid..well actually I was a professional...
  3. Rifles & Shotguns
    SOLD Well cared-for Springfield Armory M1A Scout Squad for sale; just got it back from an overhaul at Springfield Armory, where they installed new springs and a new operating rod. Includes one factory 5-round magazine, two 20-round magazines, surplus flip-up butt plate, and hard case. I'll even...
  4. Carry Weapons
    I have had mixed results with 1911s in the past, but I'm giving them one more chance with my latest acquisition...a Springfield Armory Loaded model with a parkerized finish and tritium sights. Not content to leave well enough alone, I've also added a Smith & Alexander magwell, Mil-Tac grips and...
1-4 of 4 Results