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  1. Training and Tactics
    Heads up, many of the dates are already sold out....yep I know it sounds crazy, but our classes are selling out months in advance. Click on the link for full details: https://floridafirearmstraining.com/course-schedule Or call us on 561 450 9586
  2. Training and Tactics
    I am proud to announce that Florida Firearms Training is now offering regularly scheduled classes at the Police Hall Of Fame in Titusville, Florida. Check out our schedule for more detailed info. http://www.floridafirearmstraining.com/Training_Dates.html This coming weekend we have some space...
  3. Training and Tactics
    Before when I was in Jacksonville I used the Gun Gallery on beach blvd as my shooting range, but I wasn't a serious shooter (only went every once in a while) as I tend to become on moving. This time I plan on getting a yearly family membership at a range and going every weekend to begin with and...
1-3 of 3 Results