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  1. Central Florida Coronavirus Isolation Protection Package – Scorpion Edition

    Coronavirus Isolation Protection Package – Scorpion Edition Well here it is, the deal you’ve been waiting for, the Coronavirus Isolation Protection Package. This is the coveted Scorpion Edition, which comes replete with the following: • SIG Sauer P220 Scorpion .45 • Three (3) Magazines +1...
  2. My new Sig P229 guns

    Carry Weapons
    Funny thing happened on my way to the range to test our my new M&P Shield, which btw, was flawless after 200 rounds of assorted ammo and my new EDC gun. While at the LGS I saw three Sig P229 guns. Ended up going all the way home, packing up all the guns I have that I bought for carry but seldom...