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  1. Hi Guys. Hope all is Well. I'm Gonna Cut to the Chase!!!

    Introduce Yourself!
    I'm a minimalist, so I have 3 guns, but I wish I had more. My Glock 45 (duty weapon), my wife's M&P Bodyguard and my (first CCW handgun) Taurus G2C. I know, it's a pathetic collection for someone in Law Enforcement (Just graduated the Academy in October). Being a minimalist has helped me save...
  2. What is this SIG "Package" Worth?

    General Discussion
    Ok, so I'm thinking about selling my SIG P220R Elite Scorpion again. I say again because I had one, sold it to a forum member, found another one in Colorado (they're discontinued), and picked it up. It's pretty much been in my safe ever since. Literally only 65 rounds through it. I know...
  3. State of Emergency

    Ammunition & Reloading
    Last week a state of emergency was declared in Florida due to Hurricane Erika. Fortunately we were unaffected by the storm. Did you know that during a state of emergency effects the sales of guns and ammo? I've attached the statute - it's good to be informed and stock up on what you need ahead...
  4. SilencerCo Salvo 12 Flash Sale Monday 8/18!!!!

    Silencer Shop
    For 48 hours starting on Monday 8/18 we will be running a special sale on the SilencerCo Salvo 12. This sale is definitely going to be a great deal! Details will be posted on Monday. The ATF has just approved forms to us so they are ready to go. The Salvo 12 is choke attach and SilencerCo is...
  5. Central Florida Tampa Area Ruger 9mm P95 For Sale

    I am selling my Ruger P95 9mm in original Plastic Case 2X15Rd Magazines and Hogue Grip. Asking $350
  6. North East Florida Glock 22 for sale

    Glock 22 for sale Approximately 500 rounds through it. Very well maintained. Includes 2 15 round magazines. :2thumsup Prefer FTF, CWL and cash. Bill of Sale. I'm in the Jacksonville area. $400 Firm
  7. Trying to find out how to sell Hand Guns

    Firearms Chat
    I have a Smith & Wesson 357 Mag. Model 65-5 with 3" barrel in great condition and Colt 357 mag. Trooper Mark III in new condition that I want to sell... Any guidance on the best way to sell them would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch!