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  1. Question: What's worse than shooting yourself?

    In The News (Good & Bad)
    Answer: Shooting yourself in the penis with your girlfriend's pink gun. MSNBC VIDEO :rofl TACTICAL U FACEBUK
  2. NRA FIRST Steps Pistol course @ Gander Mountain

    This class is taught by NRA certified instructors and is an NRA approved course that meets and exceeds what you will need to receive your Concealed Carry License with the State of Florida. Equip 2 Conceal is also happy to announce we are now the Exclusive trainers for the Gander Mountain...
  3. Glock - Cominolli Safety

    Carry Issues
    Does anyone here have any experience with the Cominolli thumb safety for Glocks? I have one on one of my Glocks and am seeking input before I outfit more of them. It's an after market safety, doesn't void the warrantee, stops ND's like if a shirt catches the trigger while holstering, isn't...