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  1. Ammo, Accessories, Etc.
    For Sale: Redding Competition Seating Die 300 Win Mag # 55153 and an RCBS Neck Sizer Die # 15330 Asking $100 and I will cover shipping. Prefer Paypal gift. SOLD!!!
  2. NeReloading.com
    MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND SITE WIDE SALE!! HUGE REDUCTIONS, NO COUPON NECESSARY!! PRICES ALWAYS INCLUDE SHIPPING!! HORNADY 55 FMJ BT AND SOFT POINT IN .223/5.56 AS LOW AS $72.00 PER K BERRY’S 9MM 115 RN AS LOW AS $72.50 Many more Berry’s and Hornady bulk bullets all on sale. We are shipping same...
  3. Ammo, Accessories, Etc.
    I acquired some RCBS reloading gear in hopes of lowering my practice costs. However, with two jobs, two teenagers, two dogs, and one wife getting to the range is a challenge. I am looking to SELL or TRADE the following: Rock Chucker press Powder measure Scale Case trimmer Die sets for: 300...
  4. Ammunition & Reloading
    I love my 300 Blackout SBR but the price per round is over a dollar per round. : censored So I've decided that I should learn how to reload my own ammo for many reasons other than just the expense per round. The problem I'm having is that there doesn't seem to be anyone that does reloading that...
  5. Ammo, Accessories, Etc.
    Lee Classic Turret reloading press plus many accessories. Accessories include Lee Pro auto disk powder measure, riser, and disks; 5 quick change turrets; and Lee AutoPrime system (for large and small primers). This equipment is used but very good condition. If purchased new this reloading...
  6. Ammo, Accessories, Etc.
    -- CCI 450 small rifle primers -- $30 per box (1000 per box) I have 9 boxes -- 55 grain soft point .223 projectiles with cannelure (I have 2800) -- $20 per 100 -- tons of Lake City once fired military .223 brass: 2300 ready for powder (cleaned, sized, trimmed, primer pocket reamed, and CCI...
  7. Ammunition & Reloading
    Spent a couple of ninterupted hours tonight getting my new lock n load setup and my dies adjusted for 380 auto. My wife's sig 238 has a voracious apetite and $30 boxes is just not cutting it. Took me about 20 dummy cartridges to get my rcbs sizing and seating dies dialed in. Chose to use a...
  8. Everything Else!
    Listed on Ebay Not for sale anymore
1-8 of 8 Results