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  1. Central Florida Tons fo reloading supplies and equipment for .223*********

    Ammo, Accessories, Etc.
    -- CCI 450 small rifle primers -- $30 per box (1000 per box) I have 9 boxes -- 55 grain soft point .223 projectiles with cannelure (I have 2800) -- $20 per 100 -- tons of Lake City once fired military .223 brass: 2300 ready for powder (cleaned, sized, trimmed, primer pocket reamed, and CCI...
  2. South Florida I'm an idiot and bought 1K Large Rifle BERDAN primers

    Ammo, Accessories, Etc.
    I just realized that in my last order with powder valley that I bought a 1K of Tula BERDAN large rifle primers. (KV-762N) I am not setup for these. Does anyone in Southwest Florida have an interest in them? I'm in Lehigh. Shoot me a PM.
  3. Looking to trade some primers

    Ammo, Accessories, Etc.
    I currently have an over-abundance of large pistol primers with a simultaneous deficit of small pistol primers. If anyone here finds themselves in the inverse position, I will gladly trade any number of Winchester WLP Large Pistol Primers for an equal number of Winchester WSP Small Pistol...