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pepper spray

  1. FL Law - Pepper spray and knives

    General Discussion
    Do any of you have pepper spray and/or knives in your routine EDC/all day carry? If so, what advice can I get on carrying them legally in FL? Learning to practice being prepared, not scared. Thanks, CWOLDOJAX
  2. can i carry these?

    Carry Weapons
    I finally got my CCW but i still have some questions. Does my CCW only apply to guns or are other weapons included under my ccw? Am I allowed to carry: 1. large knives (more than 3" blade)? 2. More thank 2oz. of pepper sray? 3. Tasers (what kind)? 4. expandable baton? 5. sling shots? 6. OC gun?
  3. Confused about Chemical Defense Sprays

    Law & Order
    I tried doing a google search of this site and did not find the answer to my questions. I apologize if this has already been answered umpteen times, but here you go... I understand that you are allowed to carry 2oz of chemical spray as a self-defense item, that you can open carry it, and that...
  4. Non-lethal Weapons

    Forum Rules & Site Suggestions
    Would anyone else like to see a discussion forum/thread/whatever you call it on here? Although I never leave the house without AT LEAST one firearm, I would be interested in learning about non-lethal weapons. I have always been interested in tasers/stun guns but know nothing about them. I...