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  1. Panther Pit Porn w/Pink! [+video]

    General Discussion
    Here's some of the latest holsters from Panther Concealment. They are for the Ruger LCP II. I call the one my "standard 7," which is all the kydex holsters I would use for the gun. Those are in gray carbon fiber (IWB) and black carbon fiber (OWB). The other I call the "triple play,"...
  2. M&P 2.0 chafe, IWB holster option

    Carry Holsters
    I'm a proud new owner of an M&P 2.0 compact (9mm) that fits my hand well and reduces my innaccuracy already with just 100 rounds through it. I picked up a cheap Uncle Mike's OWB Kydex just to start with dry-fire practice while I identify the best EDC holster I can train with before I start...
  3. Panther and Ridgid Review

    Carry Holsters
    Early this year I bought a Panther OWB for my M&P Shield and a Rigid Belt. I wanted to wait and live with these 2 products a few months and put them to use before I commented and wrote a review. 1st I'd like to thank this forum for steering me towards Panther and Rigid because if it wasn't for...
  4. Panther IWB Holster: Just showing it off!

    Carry Holsters
    Here is my Panther IWB holster that Jim made for my SR9c. This thing is awesome by all means, comfortable, lightweight, tough, versitile, it performs, and a great price. The pistol fits perfectly and retains even better. I used it while training with Bob and it performed great. Can't say enough...