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  1. Handguns
    Coronavirus Isolation Protection Package – Scorpion Edition Well here it is, the deal you’ve been waiting for, the Coronavirus Isolation Protection Package. This is the coveted Scorpion Edition, which comes replete with the following: • SIG Sauer P220 Scorpion .45 • Three (3) Magazines +1...
  2. Want to Buy Ads
    I bought the 227 as soon as they came out to replace a 1911 I coult not make run. After 100 rnds of flawless use, i still could not get past the girth of the p227 grips. I am looking for a new or lightly used p220 to trade for. My p227 is the fullsize model with 2 ten rnd mags and the...
  3. Introduce Yourself!
    I've been checking out these forums for the better part of the day, and finally got around to registering. As for firearms, I only current possess a musket loader that I haven't shot for several years, but I am going to retrieve my P220 and a 12-guage double barrel from a friend that has been...
1-3 of 4 Results