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  1. Things that make you feel old..

    General Discussion
    I don't really know exactly when I got old but I do remember the first time I felt old. I took my wife to West Point to show her around and take her to some of my favorite pubs and restaurants. I was stationed at West Point in the early 80's as an MP and really enjoyed my time there because of...
  2. Another NY transplant

    Introduce Yourself!
    If all goes well, we will close on a house in Cape Coral next month. I thought I'd be able to shoot gaters and snakes when we moved but now I find out they're protected.:dunno Coming from NY where everything is protected except the 2nd amendment, I guess I can deal with a few rules but I will...
  3. From NY to FL

    Introduce Yourself!
    Hello and good day. Had my CWP as a non-resident for a little over a year and had a kind of thrill when I submitted my change of address showing FL residency to the Dept. of Licensing. Long Island, NY is extremely restrictive and NYC? FORGETABOUTIT:puke Anyway, I've been around guns all my life...