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  1. New from central fl

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    Hello all - I found this forum while looking for a review on a gun I am interested in. I've been shooting for about 3 years, and try to get out to practice as much as I can. Looking forward to chatting and learning.
  2. New Member NW Florida

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    There comes a time in life's journey that you realize the choice of being a potential victim, or a protector. Having experienced a gun in my back, a stint in the Marine Corps, Police Department and Fire Department, my desire is to continue community service to kids with Cerebral Palsy...
  3. Hello From Coral Springs!

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    Hi Everyone, Just joined and wanted to introduce myself. I grew up around firearms and have owned a handgun since legally able to. I didn't start carrying until the birth of my first son. Something about having the ability/obligation/need to protect more than myself even when not at home must...
  4. What's up from miami

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    Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself on here. Names Tony i live in north miami I'm a new cwfl holder :grin as of last month and I have learned a lot on this site thanks to everyone on here. My first edc is a TCP .380 been carrying everyday since I received the license. I have also read the...
  5. Greetings from Lehigh Acres

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    Greetings all! My name is Rich and I'm retired from the US Air Force since 1995. I'm now working in the commercial fire alarm trade and am certified as a Florida firesafety inspector. My wife and I got our CWLs a couple of months ago, and I'm looking forward to buying a Glock 23 shortly. I...
  6. New member from the west coast

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    Hi all! I was excited to find this forum after searching and finding others not quite specialized enough. I am new to firearms- got my first gun in June and have been hooked ever since. I think maybe in a former life I must have been around them, because it seems natural LOL! After some...