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  1. M&P 2.0 chafe, IWB holster option

    Carry Holsters
    I'm a proud new owner of an M&P 2.0 compact (9mm) that fits my hand well and reduces my innaccuracy already with just 100 rounds through it. I picked up a cheap Uncle Mike's OWB Kydex just to start with dry-fire practice while I identify the best EDC holster I can train with before I start...
  2. South Florida SOLD. M&P9c 12rnd Magazines & XGrips for Sale

    Ammo, Accessories, Etc.
    SOLD. Thanks for the advice:thumsup Howdy all. I am selling two M&P9c 12rnd mags and a pair of XGrips (for using fullsize mags in a compact M&P). Edit: all right, i hear ya. $40 free shipping Mud
  3. South Florida S&W M&P Shield .40 for $400

    SOLD - please disregard I'm selling a S&W M&P Shield .40 with 2 factory mags and original box and papers. It has less than 500 rounds through it with no failures. Asking $400. Willing to trade for a Ruger SR9c in similar condition. Since this is also my only .40, I'm looking to sell the...
  4. Central Florida SOLD

  5. Central Florida FS: ***SOLD*** M&P 9c w/ Factory Installed Crimson Trace Laser

    ***SOLD***My wife bought a M&P 9c last year brand new from Shoot Straight Tampa but she is not following through with her concealed license so we are selling the gun. She took a lady's intro class and went to the range with me once so the gun has somewhere around 100ish rounds through it. This...
  6. WTB (from dealer) S&W M&P 15 Sport

    Want to Buy Ads
    I live in Pembroke Pines. Looking for dealer (want to put it on a card, don't want to spend cash until after the new year) who has a S&W M&p 15 Sport for a decent price. I have my carry permit, so I can take it same day. And if the price is reasonable, I even have a friend who wants to buy one...
  7. ***gunsmith recommendations needed***

    General Discussion
    Just received the XS BDT Sights today for the M&P9!!!!:dancingbanana I'm looking for any recommendations of great gunsmiths in my area (WPB,LK WTH,PBC) that I can take my pistol to and get great results. Any and every recommendation will be appretiated. I normally would jump into a project...
  8. Need Pistol Sight(s) Opinions....

    Firearms Chat
    Hello, I'm looking to change out the sights on my M&P9. I love the pistol, but the sights bother me (takes too much concentration to aquire sight picture with these). This is not my edc or hd pistol, I use it for range plinking and want to use it for competition/matches in the near future. I'm...
  9. New to CC. Remora holster review.

    Carry Holsters
    Hello everyone! I'm kind of new to the site and while I haven't been posting much I thought that this holster deserved a review. I just received my CWL the other day (took about 1.5 weeks after visiting the West Palm Beach office) and I got my Remora holster just in time. First of all, Alan...
  10. First Ever Integral M&P 15-22 (video)

    Class III & NFA Discussion
    I thought you all may enjoy this... Phillip just started offering an Integral M&P 15-22 with a removable stainless steel core. He builds them as a tactical innovative option to the traditional 10/22 integral offerings. We just posted a video of me shooting one for the first time. It’s his...
  11. M&P 40 Compact 9mm Storm Lake Conversion Barrel

    Carry Weapons
    Does anyone have one for the 40 compact or experience with one? I am considering getting the barrel for the range to save a few bucks on ammo and can get the barrel for $130 + shipping. I have read some reviews and they seem to be good, but I would like to know more. Thanks :chopper