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    Good afternoon! We wanted to share a local event with you and your group as you may be interested in hearing from Lt. Col. Oliver North this Memorial Day Weekend! Join us as we pay tribute to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. https://fellowshipchurch.com/memorial-day/
  2. Introduce Yourself!
    Hi all. Posting here from beautiful Downtown Miami. This is a great resource. Via lurking here I completed the CWP process and received it about a week ago. I'd say total turnaround time was two months all in. Just got back fro Shoot Straight Ft Lauderdale now. In another thread a member...
  3. Introduce Yourself!
    Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself on here. Names Tony i live in north miami I'm a new cwfl holder :grin as of last month and I have learned a lot on this site thanks to everyone on here. My first edc is a TCP .380 been carrying everyday since I received the license. I have also read the...