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  1. Deals, Steals and good or odd buys!

    Firearms Chat
    Folks, This forum lacks a sharing point for spreading the word about firearms bargains. So lets try one! CDNN Sports cdnnsports.com sent me a bulletin about magazine sales. I'm spreading the word. Geoff Who bought 3 Walther PPX magazines which work in his Creed for $20 each from CDNN an...
  2. Central Florida Wts: Glock 19 gen3 plus other glock goodies!

    Hello there. For sale is a Glock 19 gen3 with extras. The gun is excellent, has tritium night sights, it does have holster wear but it shoots like a champ. It includes a Panther Concealment F-series holster, two magazine carriers: one vertical that can be worn IWB/OWB, and one OWB horizontal...
  3. S&W Day @ Ft Myers Shoot Straight

    General Discussion
    Just picked got back from the Ft. Myers Shoot Straight this morning. They are doing a week of S&W promos and they had half a dozen reps from Smith there. They had a buy one get one free deal on extra mags if you buy a pistol. Thought I would pass that on as any 9mm mags are like pink...
  4. Central Florida Looking to trade for Glock 21 SF/Gen4 Magazines!

    Ammo, Accessories, Etc.
    I just picked up a Glock 21 SF and I am looking to trade for some additional magazines. If you have 2 *NEW* Glock 21 magazines I can trade you two new Glock 17 magazines or 100 rounds of Federal .223 ammo. If you have two used Glock 21 magazines I can trade you two used Glock 17 magazines. If...