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  1. Concealed Carry Legal Question

    License Questions
    Due to some events that have taken place in our neighborhood, my wife and I have decided to purchase two Glocks to protect ourselves and our family. I have some questions about the legality/requirements of obtaining a permit. So here's my situation... I've had a couple issues in my past, 05/2011...
  2. State of Emergency

    Ammunition & Reloading
    Last week a state of emergency was declared in Florida due to Hurricane Erika. Fortunately we were unaffected by the storm. Did you know that during a state of emergency effects the sales of guns and ammo? I've attached the statute - it's good to be informed and stock up on what you need ahead...
  3. If I do not have a CCW permit.. how can I carry legally at all?

    Carry Issues
    So I want to go the range today.. but I'm not sure what the proper way to carry my firearm from the car to the building is. ..for example.. if I had a CCW permit, I would put it in a bag and carry it in, no problem. Since I do not.. how do I transport it without concealing it, but also not...
  4. Denied!! or not.... HELP!!!!!

    Law & Order
    ok where to start.... i bought a gun off gunbroker back in april and got an "non-approval" from the NICS check at my local FFL..... after completing the entire appeals process i got a letter from FDLE stating i was still denied due to being a "fed prohibited person" by the state of Mass...
  5. ccw while traveling in the car

    Law & Order
    Hi guys, im new to the form and just got my concealed permit and was wondering if your allowed to conceal carry while traveling in your car. My class instructor informed us that it had to be in a sealed container (glove box or center console) but ive read many instances of people having their...
  6. Pro-Gun Lawyers

    Concealed Carry Links
    Is there a list (in this forum or elsewhere) of pro-gun lawyers that have experience defending incidents involving CCW and involving firearm self defense? I carry a card in my wallet that would remind me (bullets) of how to respond after an incident should one ever occur. On that card I would...
  7. is it leagal to carry a knife if?

    Law & Order
    I know this isnt a firearm question but i am sure some of you know the answer so, do you need a CCW to carry a fixed blade knife concealed if the blade legnth is only 3 1/2 inches? the statutes are very vague in this area. i know a folding knife is legal with no CCW but i ws unsure if being a...
  8. Florida Laws Regarding Concealed Carry

    Law & Order
    I have done my research to save my butt if needed: I myself have had many questions and had to undergo hours of research to get the answers I needed. When Can I use my gun? 1.To Protect your self or another from great bodily harm or death 2.To prevent a forcible felony: Robbery, Kidnapping...