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    This is a post I wrote for my law firm's blog regarding the Zimmerman case. I think folks on here might enjoy it. It can be found here: http://dillinghamlawfirm.com/?p=626
  3. Law & Order
    Okay, this question goes out to anyone who can answer. I was arrested back in 2005, for Battery. It was a big screw up on the behalf of the Sheriff's office who handled the call. Basically I was being attacked by a handful of guys, (approximately 5 or 6) who were coming at me in an aggressive...
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    Is there a list (in this forum or elsewhere) of pro-gun lawyers that have experience defending incidents involving CCW and involving firearm self defense? I carry a card in my wallet that would remind me (bullets) of how to respond after an incident should one ever occur. On that card I would...
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    I have received many inquiries into what someone should look for, or ask, when seeking an attorney they can use in the event of a self-defense shooting or related issue. After giving it some thought, I’ve come up with some ideas. Look for an attorney that uses one or more of the following...