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  1. Denied!! or not.... HELP!!!!!

    Law & Order
    ok where to start.... i bought a gun off gunbroker back in april and got an "non-approval" from the NICS check at my local FFL..... after completing the entire appeals process i got a letter from FDLE stating i was still denied due to being a "fed prohibited person" by the state of Mass...
  2. Stolen guns sold to Pawn Shop; owner can't get his guns back without paying?

    Law & Order
    A few years ago, my nephew's house was burglarized. Among the stolen items was a couple hunting rifles (270's). The burglar sold the rifles to a local pawn shop. Nephew discovered his rifles at the pawn shop. Law Enforcement officer says he cannot get his rifles back unless he pays the pawn shop...
  3. "No INFORMATION" Filed.

    Law & Order
    Okay, this question goes out to anyone who can answer. I was arrested back in 2005, for Battery. It was a big screw up on the behalf of the Sheriff's office who handled the call. Basically I was being attacked by a handful of guys, (approximately 5 or 6) who were coming at me in an aggressive...
  4. Another College Campus legal question.

    Law & Order
    After reading the FSU thread, I wondered about having a firearm in a glovebox or trunk while in class or working on campus at UNF. I've looked through their policies and there are no published policies on weapons in vehicles. (http://www.unf.edu/president/policies_regulations/) It is clear in...
  5. is it leagal to carry a knife if?

    Law & Order
    I know this isnt a firearm question but i am sure some of you know the answer so, do you need a CCW to carry a fixed blade knife concealed if the blade legnth is only 3 1/2 inches? the statutes are very vague in this area. i know a folding knife is legal with no CCW but i ws unsure if being a...
  6. Florida Laws Regarding Concealed Carry

    Law & Order
    I have done my research to save my butt if needed: I myself have had many questions and had to undergo hours of research to get the answers I needed. When Can I use my gun? 1.To Protect your self or another from great bodily harm or death 2.To prevent a forcible felony: Robbery, Kidnapping...
  7. concealed carry in a Theatre

    Carry Issues
    Can you carry in a theatre that puts on Musical Productions? Such as Tampa Bay Performing Arts center? Or a smaller venue? Thanks