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  1. FS: Smith & Wesson Large Homeland Security Black Teflon 420 Tanto Knife

    Sold!!!!!! SALE PENDING FUNDS Smith & Wesson Large Homeland Security Black Teflon 420 Knife Brand NEW!!! S&W Homeland Security. 6" closed linerlock. 4 3/4" stainless tanto blade with thumb disk. Integral guard. Anodized black aluminum handles. Pocket clip. Lanyard hole. Brand NEW in Box...
  2. FS: Crkt Drifter G-10 Locking Liner Folder Premium 8cr14mov Stainless Steel

    SOLD!!!!!! Selling some of my collection of folders that I do not use. This is the CRKT Drifter in original packaging, New, never used, Factory Edge, Sharp! The Drifter G10 is a locking liner folder with black G10 scales and a premum 8Cr14MoV stainless steel 2.875 drop point blade in a gray...
  3. Automatic Knives/Switchblades

    Law & Order
    Hey guys...have a question... I know you are required to have a concealed weapons/firearms license to carry a switchblade/automatic knife, but what are the legal issues with taking it out of your pocket in public? I know my question wasn't worded to well, so here's an example of what I mean...
  4. is it leagal to carry a knife if?

    Law & Order
    I know this isnt a firearm question but i am sure some of you know the answer so, do you need a CCW to carry a fixed blade knife concealed if the blade legnth is only 3 1/2 inches? the statutes are very vague in this area. i know a folding knife is legal with no CCW but i ws unsure if being a...