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  1. Handguns
    Here is your chance to own a Kimber well below retail price. This is a Kimber Solo Carry in 9mm. It comes with the factory magazine 6 round plus an extra 8 round magazine with the grip extention, carry case, lock and original box and paperwork. Double action striker fire pistol with 7 pound...
  2. Firearms Chat
    Hello, I'm looking to change out the sights on my M&P9. I love the pistol, but the sights bother me (takes too much concentration to aquire sight picture with these). This is not my edc or hd pistol, I use it for range plinking and want to use it for competition/matches in the near future. I'm...
  3. Carry Weapons
    My local FFL buddy just emailed me and said he can get me either a Springfield EMP in 9mm or a Kimber Ultra CDP II in 9mm... either for $1000 even including fees, shipping, etc. I have to make a decision today. Here's what I know are the obvious differences: 1) The Kimber's include only 1 mag...
1-3 of 3 Results