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  1. CDNN sports Kahr Arms CW9 Tutone Package

    Steals & Deals
    $299.99 plus shipping and there is a free magazine rebate. https://www.cdnnsports.com/kahr-cw9-9mm-two-tone-package.html#.WXd8TITyupo A heck of a good price on a Kahr. Geoff Who has carried his Kahr P9094N for years.
  2. South Florida WTT 1961 S&W Model 10-2 .38 snub nose

    Looking to trade my 1961 Smith and Wesson Model 10-2 .38 snub nose revolver. I'm looking for a semi auto handgun for an even trade. Let me know what you have to offer. Looking to trade GUN ONLY. I'll reply to all offers. Not looking to travel too far, let me know where you're located. I'm in...
  3. Disappointing Kel-Tec PF9 Experience

    Carry Weapons
    Q - What is the expected life of a Kel-Tec firearm? A - All Kel-Tec firearms have an expected life of 6,000 rounds or more. (Per the Kel-Tec website, under FAQ) My new PF9 lasted about 150 of the 200 round break-in period, before it experienced numerous Failures to Extract, then the firing pin...
  4. Kahr K9

    Carry Weapons
    So there are always several discussions going on about what size gun you are able to conceal, and the tradeoff between size and 'shootability.' My girlfriend recently ran into this issue, and I think we may have finally resolved it. You see, she got her CWFL a few months ago, and wanted to get...
  5. Kahr PM9-

    Firearms Chat
    I am a fairly decent shot (ok OK I am good) with my Glock 26. I plink pretty good with my new Ruger Mark III 22/45. My Kahr PM9 is a whole 'nother story. I think my problem in achieving the kind of accuracy I am looking for, is the LONG trigger pull on the PM9. I realize the Kahr is much...