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  1. Jax Tactical

    General Discussion
    PLEASE JOIN US FOR OUR OFFICIAL GRAND OPENING SATURDAY, JUNE 26th from 10am to 5pm. This event will be hosted by the Greaseman and broadcasted on Rock 105. ...Our gunsmithing partner - G.P.I. will be onsite. There will be a custom 1911 45 cal. Handgun - Raffle-all proceeds to benefit NRA...
  2. Sigs For Sale!

    Deal of the day! Sig 226 and Sig 226 E2 in .40 cal! Night Sights. Sig 226 w/ 2 mags for $789.00 and the Sig 226 E2 w/ 3 mags for $869.00!
  3. Bersa Thunder $289 Brand New

    Jax Tactical Deal of the Day! Bersa Thunder .380 for only $289! This is a very attractive two tone firearm ideal for everyday concealment. This gun is brand new and they are notoriously reliable, and is the best value buy handgun in our store. Jump all over this deal because it will not last!