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  1. Gunsmiths in Jacksonville area

    Firearms Chat
    Can anyone recommend competent gunsmiths in the Jacksonville, FL area? About 2 years ago I used Mr. Green / Superior Gunsmithing here to install an Apex trigger kit on a Shield, but two emails to him over the last two weeks have gone unanswered, so I'm assuming no longer in business. I'm not...
  2. Panther Pit Porn w/Pink! [+video]

    General Discussion
    Here's some of the latest holsters from Panther Concealment. They are for the Ruger LCP II. I call the one my "standard 7," which is all the kydex holsters I would use for the gun. Those are in gray carbon fiber (IWB) and black carbon fiber (OWB). The other I call the "triple play,"...
  3. Gunsmith Recommendations -- Jacksonville / St. Augustine Area

    Firearms Chat
    Some of my toys now have multiple-thousand rounds through them, and a "checkup" of springs, etc. as a matter of prudence is on the horizon. Also, I'm not that skilled to install sights (as the budget allows, going to tritium on my carry pieces). Finally, I've a got a Shield 9mm (v1) and don't...
  4. Ceramic Guns in schools?

    In The News (Good & Bad)
    According to the local news channel in Jacksonville ceramic guns can make it past metal detectors at the local Duval County schools and that is why they don't have them. :rofl News for JAX report. :dunno
  5. Concealed Gun Permit Class (Can be taught at Your location)

    Professional Services (Closed)
    Concealed weapon / firearm class... get your FL gun permit in Jacksonville, FL. Each Person $50 Three people or more $50 each at Your location!! Four people or more $45 each! Class is taught by a police FDLE firearms instructor / State of Florida class K licensed firearms instructor. Call...
  6. Best price in Jacksonville for a new Sig 229

    Carry Weapons
    No, not another thread about what gun to get. I am very set into what to get... question now: What is the best price? I set my mind to replace my aging Sig 229 (no rail, .40 and Sig357) with a brand new Sig 229 SAS two tone in .40. In part because my accessories would fit, and in part I like...
  7. Jacksonville Shooting Ranges

    Training and Tactics
    Before when I was in Jacksonville I used the Gun Gallery on beach blvd as my shooting range, but I wasn't a serious shooter (only went every once in a while) as I tend to become on moving. This time I plan on getting a yearly family membership at a range and going every weekend to begin with and...