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  1. Carry Holsters
    In December of 2017 I ordered a Wright Leather Works 1.5" wide, 14 oz. (1/4" thick) genuine bull hide gun belt to test the waters before ordering one of their holsters. I ordered it on 12/16, it shipped on 12/20 & it arrived on 12/26. This thing is stout for sure & it fits great. As soon as I...
  2. Carry Holsters
    I'm a proud new owner of an M&P 2.0 compact (9mm) that fits my hand well and reduces my innaccuracy already with just 100 rounds through it. I picked up a cheap Uncle Mike's OWB Kydex just to start with dry-fire practice while I identify the best EDC holster I can train with before I start...
  3. Carry Holsters
    I've been carrying my Ruger SP101 in a Old Faithful holster for some time & I love it. So much so I just ordered another one for my Glock 26. It's very comfortable, quality materials & very affordable compared to similar holster in it's catagory. If you're in the market & have the means I highly...
1-3 of 3 Results