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  1. Introduce Yourself!
    I just moved to St John's county from Northern NJ, or as I called it the socialist people's republic of New Jermany. One can't get a carry permit there and handguns are strictly illegal except by specific exemptions :( Got my carry permit here in FL within two weeks of moving here - have been...
  2. IDPA and Competition Shooting
    Should this be a sticky? Florida-IDPA is an email list intended to distribute information about IDPA competition in Florida. Match results, announcements of shooting events and other matters of interest to Florida IDPA shooters will be distributed. Florida-IDPA is not a discussion group...
  3. Training and Tactics
    Hi all... Got the opportunity to go to the IDPA practice class on Tuesday and it was a blast! Andy and John were great instructors and walked me through all the basics as we got ready for a few practice rounds. Practice round 1 had us with our back to the targets and after flipping a coin, we...
  4. Firearms Chat
    VOLUSIA COUNTY GUN & HUNT CLUB Thank you for your interest in joining the VOLUSIA COUNTY GUN & HUNT CLUB. It has been a long time coming for many of us who enjoy the shooting sports but dislike having to drive a great distance to shoot our guns. VCG&HC is a private gun and hunt club and...
1-5 of 7 Results