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  1. Bigfoot Gun Belts
    Wearing a gun belt is necessary while carrying a concealed carry gun either when one does or every day if one carries every day. But what about while hunting? It's actually something a person should think about. If one is going to carry a backup pistol while afield, then a gun belt is...
  2. Rifles & Shotguns
    Savage .300 (Model 99 EG) * Made in 1952 * $448 - FTF - Bill of Sale w/ I.D. (Southwest Florida) I've got it listed on GunBroker: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=368946303 Caliber: .300 Savage Rotary Magazine w/ brass counter Manufactured in 1952 (SN...
  3. General Discussion
    So I was wondering... I would like to do some hunting, wild boar/feral hogs. Since I only have my .45acp and 12ga shotgun, Would that be pointless? Or do I just need to buy a rifle? What else is involved? Any way to make money killing hogs on people's property? :dunno <--- Clueless.
  4. Firearms Chat
    I want to hunt hog or deer with my 308 but I don't know where to start. I live in Jacksonville, don't have to the money to go on guided hunt, so that's not an option. Also aside from having a rifle, I have little else. Where should I start? Thanks
  5. Rifles, Lights & Scopes
    I live on the south end of Jacksonville, and the only gun shops around here seem to focus 99% on pistols and revolvers. I am about to buy myself a new hunting scope off the internet, but don't have a clue where to go to get it mounted. Is Gander Mountain my only choice?
  6. Sponsors
    Equip 2 Conceal Firearms Group offers educational courses in firearms training taught by NRA Certified Instructors. Our courses will meet and exceed the Training requirements necessary to receive your Florida Concealed Carry License which is also valid in over 30 states. Our company and our...