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  1. Carry Weapons
    Folks, More and more sources are producing Reflex sight equipped pistols. Lasers are available in a myriad of options. I did a search and the newest discussion was a year old I decided to open another. Is a sighting system a good idea? One opinion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP8Yhj12yKo...
  2. Firearms Chat
    So, I'm doing some planning for my 2016 "acquisitions." First on the list is an AR, since I have several handguns and a 12G (although I would like to get a real JM-PRO at some point). I'm thinking of an LE6920 (5.56/.223). I may buy it stripped of "furniture" so I can put on my own adjustable...
  3. Defensive Scenarios
    These are some of my favorite guns for protecting your home: Ruger P95 Ruger SR9 Stoeger Cougar 9mm Bersa Thunder Pro HC 9mm Smith & Wesson M&P 9 I believe for a nightstand gun and shooting at the range you can not go wrong with any of these guns. :dancingbanana
  4. Defensive Scenarios
    I sleep with two Sig Saur P220 .45 semi-autos, a Remington 870 tactical pump shotgun, a Rock River AR 15, about a half a dozen knives, several tactical flashlights, earplugs, redundant alarm systems, and a dog near by. I sleep well and I sleep light. Do Not Tread On Me! Just curious how many...
  5. Defensive Scenarios
    I live in Kendale Lakes, Miami in a gated community where we have a roving golfcart jockey only at night. I'm retired, so I was home and standing in the kitchen close to front door when I overheard two or more men out in the corridor. Some note of urgency in their voices made me stand still...
  6. Defensive Scenarios
    I have moved in with my grandmother who lives by herself and has two extra bedrooms, this way I can lower my overhead while I look for a home to buy. Last Saturday we had an attempted break in. My grandmother discovered this when she went to the back porch on Sunday morning. A chair was placed...
  7. Defensive Scenarios
    My wife would in no way open the door before I gave the go-ahead. Whether it was late or not. Just glad BG got his and not the guy's gf. Thoughts? Bradenton man shoots intruder, frees girlfriend Halle Stockton Published: Thursday, December 18, 2008 at 1:42 p.m. Last Modified: Thursday...
1-7 of 9 Results