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  1. Gunsmiths in Jacksonville area

    Firearms Chat
    Can anyone recommend competent gunsmiths in the Jacksonville, FL area? About 2 years ago I used Mr. Green / Superior Gunsmithing here to install an Apex trigger kit on a Shield, but two emails to him over the last two weeks have gone unanswered, so I'm assuming no longer in business. I'm not...
  2. Gunsmith Recommendations -- Jacksonville / St. Augustine Area

    Firearms Chat
    Some of my toys now have multiple-thousand rounds through them, and a "checkup" of springs, etc. as a matter of prudence is on the horizon. Also, I'm not that skilled to install sights (as the budget allows, going to tritium on my carry pieces). Finally, I've a got a Shield 9mm (v1) and don't...
  3. Need a good 'smith in Lehigh/Ft. Myers area

    Firearms Chat
    Howdy all. Looking for a good smith to do a drill and tap on a receiver so I can mount my shiny new Lyman MJT 90 rear sight. Any good ones in the Ft. Myers area that come recommended? Thanks
  4. Front/Back Strap Checkering Recommendations

    Firearms Chat
    As the title states....I'm looking for recommendations to get one of my pistols checkered on the front and back straps. I don't want to go the grip tape or tire tube route as this is more for "looks", alltho function will be there as well. I don't feel comfortable doing it myself. So, if you...
  5. ***gunsmith recommendations needed***

    General Discussion
    Just received the XS BDT Sights today for the M&P9!!!!:dancingbanana I'm looking for any recommendations of great gunsmiths in my area (WPB,LK WTH,PBC) that I can take my pistol to and get great results. Any and every recommendation will be appretiated. I normally would jump into a project...