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  1. Firearms Chat
    Can anyone recommend competent gunsmiths in the Jacksonville, FL area? About 2 years ago I used Mr. Green / Superior Gunsmithing here to install an Apex trigger kit on a Shield, but two emails to him over the last two weeks have gone unanswered, so I'm assuming no longer in business. I'm not...
  2. Firearms Chat
    Some of my toys now have multiple-thousand rounds through them, and a "checkup" of springs, etc. as a matter of prudence is on the horizon. Also, I'm not that skilled to install sights (as the budget allows, going to tritium on my carry pieces). Finally, I've a got a Shield 9mm (v1) and don't...
  3. Firearms Chat
    Howdy all. Looking for a good smith to do a drill and tap on a receiver so I can mount my shiny new Lyman MJT 90 rear sight. Any good ones in the Ft. Myers area that come recommended? Thanks
  4. Firearms Chat
    As the title states....I'm looking for recommendations to get one of my pistols checkered on the front and back straps. I don't want to go the grip tape or tire tube route as this is more for "looks", alltho function will be there as well. I don't feel comfortable doing it myself. So, if you...
1-4 of 5 Results