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  1. Largest Gun Range/Shop to open in Orlando by December 2015

    In The News (Good & Bad)
    According to channel 4 news in Orlando the city will be getting the biggest gun range/shop in the state of Florida by next December. Shooters World apparently already exists in Tampa (64,000sf) but this new store off I-drive will be much larger (79,000sf) sitting on 3 acres this facility will be...
  2. Gun Club Underfire By Soccer Moms

    In The News (Good & Bad)
    The local news article in Nassau County is titled as "Gun club near elementary school frightens parents" but I think it should read as "Gun Club Underfire By Soccer Moms". The gun range is located in Yulee, Florida in a rural section of Nassau County. This is a Skeet shoot only firing range and...
  3. Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club

    Firearms Chat
    VOLUSIA COUNTY GUN & HUNT CLUB Thank you for your interest in joining the VOLUSIA COUNTY GUN & HUNT CLUB. It has been a long time coming for many of us who enjoy the shooting sports but dislike having to drive a great distance to shoot our guns. VCG&HC is a private gun and hunt club and...