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  1. Central Florida Upgraded Glock 26 Gen 4

    SOLD PRICE LOWERED TO $575 obo This is not your average Glock 26. Very low round count, with the following upgrades done by certified Glock armorer: * Meprolight TruDot ADJUSTABLE night sights for G26,allows for adjustments to point-of-aim (part number ML 20225, $150+) * Ghost...
  2. Want to Buy WTB Glock 26 or possibly Ruger Sp101

    Want to Buy Ads
    Looking for a new ccw and am looking for a well priced Glock 26. I do not mind a bit of wear on it. Will also consider a SP101 357 as well. Feel free to PM and we can work something out
  3. Central Florida Glock 26 (Gen 3) SOLD

    !SOLD! Glock 26. This sale also will include the original case, paperwork, cleaning rod/brush, and loader plus three factory magazines (2-10 round and 1 extended 12 round). The finish and function of this gun are excellent. I am the original owner. Sale must be face-to-face in the...
  4. New Glock 26, six jams in 20 rounds

    Carry Weapons
    I traded an AR-15 and a Glock 19 for a car, and in the trade I got a new in the box Glock 26. I know the previous owner, he has never shot it. The wife went to the range with her family and I sent the G26 with her to try. I have never fired the weapon. Wife had six jams in two mags. She was...