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  1. Carry Holsters
    I want to buy a Kydex-type G19 holster, and what follows is NOT a plug for any particular manufacturer. (So you know.) I own a High Noon Holsters "Reaction-Medium" for my Glock-26 that I really like. It's a snug fit, and although I suppose it's possible for the holster to eventually scratch...
  2. Want to Buy Ads
    Looking to buy a Glock 19 gen 3 or 4 prefer the 4 - at least 2 mags .within 45 min of Daytona. Fl resident with a ccw BOS :popcorn
  3. Carry Weapons
    Hello all, I recently moved out of my parents house and they are officially empty nesters. My parents own a large 2 story home and my father travels frequently (10-23 days a month). When i live at home I kept a H&K USP .40 in a safe in my room. With my mom now being alone at night she has become...
  4. Handguns
    So after a lot of searching for a companion for my gen 2 Glock 23, I finally found a Gen 2 17 in extremely good shape. Unfortunately the grip is not nearly as comfortable to me as the 19/23 (small hands) and I am hoping to trade it for a Gen 2 Glock 19. Prefer not to sell it so only really...
1-4 of 4 Results