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    Here is the House side of the fight...Thanks for all of you who are taking the time to fight for our freedoms! This is never easy or quick but we must stay diligent and pick up victories where the opportunities present themselves. Don't forget the Senate side of the fight (Round 3) is found here...
  2. Concealed Carry Links
    Got an email from NRA-ILA on upcoming legislation that needs to be passed in FL to help us keep the CCW program going and to prevent government from taxing the fund that was set up to keep this program running. If you value the CCW program that allows us to carry in FL for our own self defense...
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    Hey fellow citizens, I received notification of the next round in our fight to protect the DOL Trust Fund from raids by our friendly government :) Pasting the particulars below FYI ********************************************************** URGENT ** ROUND 2 ** HELP Us Protect Gun Owner's Trust...
1-3 of 3 Results