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  1. Carry Weapons
    I picked up a new EDC over the weekend. I got a Kimber Micro 9 with a grip laser sight. I put 50 down the pipe with no issues. It's pretty loud due to the short barrel. It's pretty much a mini 1911. I had narrowed my list down to the Sig P938 and the Kimber Micro 9. Both are in the...
  2. Carry Weapons
    Q - What is the expected life of a Kel-Tec firearm? A - All Kel-Tec firearms have an expected life of 6,000 rounds or more. (Per the Kel-Tec website, under FAQ) My new PF9 lasted about 150 of the 200 round break-in period, before it experienced numerous Failures to Extract, then the firing pin...
1-2 of 2 Results