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  1. Steals & Deals
    Folks, I was cruising the usual places on line and Academy has a weekly special for a Ruger AR-556 FDE (the illustration shows Magpul foreend and pistol grip, stock not illustrated for $699.99 WITH a Ruger 10/22 Rifle free. I assume multiple purchase paperwork applies. On the other tentacle...
  2. Steals & Deals
    PSA Blem PSAK-47 GB2 POLYMER receiver $499.99 Cheapest I've seen an AK. Anyone have experience with the Polymer PSA AKs? Geoff Who is curious but his curiosity money is limited by spousal overunit. :bowdown
  3. Firearms Chat
    Folks, This forum lacks a sharing point for spreading the word about firearms bargains. So lets try one! CDNN Sports cdnnsports.com sent me a bulletin about magazine sales. I'm spreading the word. Geoff Who bought 3 Walther PPX magazines which work in his Creed for $20 each from CDNN an...
1-3 of 3 Results