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  1. Personel conveyance??

    FCC Riders
    So a bag guy tries to enter your home you can shoot.. he tries to enter you vehicle..you can shoot but what about a motorcycle??? Just a few nights ago a large homless man came up to me wile i was at a red light with my old lady on the back and asked me for a cigerette when i said NO he got...
  2. Recent attacks in Gainesville cause students to rethink safety

    Carry Issues
    A Santa Fe College student shares her thoughts on personal safety in light of recent events down in Gainesville. A kidnapping and armed robbery near campuses within a week of each other are causing people to rethink their safety. Students' concerns are valid and we need to educate both the...
  3. Gun Control Is Working in Illinois!

    In The News (Good & Bad)
    People Afraid To Come Out Of Their Homes Tuesday, 13 Oct 2009 STNG Wire Joliet, Ill. - Tony Ray was talking with a police officer outside the Forest Park Community Center in Joliet a couple of weeks ago when the two men suddenly heard the crack of gunshots. Ray, executive director of the...